This is the fun part,

Choosing what the world sees.

MRAA Plaque

Alright, now that MRAA staff have reviewed your certification criteria and you have received your MRAA certification, let’s cement your achievement with a beautifully crafted plaque. Choose from one of many sizes and shapes, all featuring handcrafted frames that are made to last. Designed with simple elements for easy wall hanging, these plaques will proudly present your accomplishments.

Don’t let anyone diminish your achievement. Our stylish MRAA certified plaques are created by two exceptional companies, Jewel Box Platinum and Gold Record Creations. Each plaque is handmade at their LA location, carefully inspected, and shipped to you. We also offer a lower price point with Gold Record Creations.

Gold Record Creations provides a selection of framed and ready-to-display awards, crafted just like the awards given to professional musicians for selling millions of records. While not official awards, these records are processed with the same multi-stage electro-plating method as the award records you see in places like Hard Rock Café, Rock N' Roll museums, and a rock star's living room. They have a bright, shiny, mirror-like cartwheel effect that is a real eye-catcher when you walk into a room.

We ask you to choose between our lower-end option, Gold Record Creations, or our preferred third-party vendor, Jewel Box Platinum. When others see your accomplishment, they will say, "I can’t wait to celebrate this award with you! I remember us talking about this a few months ago, and how excited you were to be nominated. You truly deserved it!”

Celebrate your success with an MRAA certified plaque and showcase your achievement with pride!