selective focus silhouette photography of man playing red-lighted DJ terminal
selective focus silhouette photography of man playing red-lighted DJ terminal

Music Recognition Association

Unlocking the potential of the music industry through certification, education, and networking

The Music Recognition Association of America offers a wide range of services to support the music industry. From certification and industry reports to networking opportunities and consulting services, we are here to help you succeed.

Our Services

10 Services Provided by MRAA

  1. Music Certification:

    • Offering prestigious certifications (Steel, Bronze, Gold, Palladium, Rhodium) to recognize and honor artists' achievements based on sales and streaming milestones.

  2. Industry Reports and Insights:

    • Providing comprehensive reports and analyses on music industry trends, helping artists and professionals stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

  1. Educational Workshops and Webinars:

    • Conducting training sessions and webinars on various topics such as music recognition, copyright law, marketing strategies, and industry best practices.

  2. Networking Opportunities:

    • Facilitating connections between artists, industry professionals, and stakeholders through exclusive events, forums, and meetups.

  3. Marketing and Promotional Support:

    • Offering guidance on marketing strategies, playlist placements, and fan engagement to help artists effectively promote their music.

  4. Award Ceremonies and Events:

    • Organizing events to celebrate and present MRAA certifications, providing a platform for artists to showcase their achievements.

  5. Data Analysis and Benchmarking:

    • Analyzing music consumption data to help artists and labels understand their performance and set benchmarks for future success.

  6. Artist Showcases:

    • Providing opportunities for artists to perform and gain exposure at MRAA-organized events and showcases.

  7. Consulting Services:

    • Offering expert advice and consulting on various aspects of the music industry, including career development, strategic planning, and industry trends.

  8. Membership Benefits:

    • Offering exclusive access to resources, tools, and early updates for MRAA members, enhancing their ability to succeed in the music industry.

These services aim to support artists and music professionals at every stage of their career, ensuring they have the recognition, resources, and connections needed to thrive in the dynamic music industry.