Setting the Standard

When we say “setting the standard,” we mean establishing a level of excellence in music award and recognition. This is crucial because when any artist, whether indie or mainstream, or a record label or publishing company, is honored for their success and certified accomplishments, it draws the attention of the entire industry. For instance, if your label promotes and releases a song that garners 140k radio plays, it compels fellow industry professionals to take notice. The MRAA will certify and verify these achievements, ensuring that all the credit is deservedly given. As these successes are recognized, others in the industry will start to watch and see how the new artist or label is thriving. This can lead to potential collaborations and further inquiries about the strategies used. When this kind of recognition and emulation begins to happen, you have effectively set a new standard in the music business. The MRAA will help document these successes, providing a benchmark for excellence that others will strive to reach.